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The Edges of Sleep: A look at the 'in-between' stages

Waking up in the morning is something we all do, then what? Well, many folks pop right out of bed and head straight for their morning beverage without a moment to check in after making the swift transition from asleep to awake. Why not?... life is busy and there's so much to be done. Well, I'll tell you. The 'in-between' stages from awake to asleep to awake, are fundamentally important in a balanced practice of sleep and a divine opportunity in self witnessing.

There is a liminal space just before we consciously ease into and out of sleep, and in this time so much information is being shared between our unconscious mind and our conscious mind and body. This space is referred to as "threshold consciousness" or as some call it the Twilight Zone or the space of liminal dreaming.

Here we are able to bear witness to aspects of the mind that are not always at the forefront in waking life. We have slowed down enough within the limbic system-- the part of the brain responding to memory and emotion--to allow for detached awareness, true and effortless equanimity. It is when we rest in this place, that we are able to manifest. Through rooting intention-- and observing our underlying obstacles, goals and deepest desires-- we have the ability to plant the seeds of creation in the profoundly rich compost of our minds. All the while, we are able to be in such a deep state of rejuvenating relaxation, ebbing and flowing between the realms of full waking life and sleep. This state is not reserved only for bedtime, but can also be achieved through a meditation practice called Yoga Nidra.

Through this ancient way of guiding through the body, one can come to a state of deep conscious sleep. With full awareness of the body and the external world, one has the permission and capacity to explore the infinite darkness ahead, acting as observer to the mind's eye. With continued practice... magical things can be made possible!

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