About Alix

I am a passionate person with big dreams and the pace of a snail. An avid gardener, hiker, and herbal enthusiast, I am a huge proponent of complementary and alternative therapy. Having practiced massage for over a decade, I believe in the astounding benefits of this work and it is an honor to serve my community! 

In 2012, I trained in both Hatha Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage, and received my Oregon massage license in 2018.  Previously specializing in deep tissue work, I am now trained in the Myofascial Release technique as taught by John F. Barnes. Through my first hand experience with receiving many different styles of bodywork, exploring trauma release and other techniques for full mind, body, spirit wellness, I offer what works for me and in turn witness positive and lasting results in my clients.


My journey is a story like many others, with challenges and triumphs that have led me to seek tools for my own wellbeing and to thrive in this world. My hope is to bring you to see yourself as the radiant human you are and to be proud of the life you live!

Blissful Being Wellness, LLC


Williams, OR 97544, USA

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