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Here at Blissful Being Wellness, LLC clients are provided with quality holistic health and wellness services in order to empower all individuals to reach an overall state of blissful wellbeing in body, mind & spirit.

You are invited to drop in, breathe deeply, and open your heart & mind to the nourishing offerings in store for you.

Note: If you love the relief that massage brings to the body but find yourself wishing that the results were longer lasting or suffer from chronic pain….

Ask your massage therapist about how Myofascial Release may be able to help!

While booking, please understand this is a small business that operates by appointment only services.

Please review the Informed Consent & Policies page prior to booking an appointment. By scheduling, you accept and agree to this policy out of mutual respect and value. Thank you.

Service Options


Individual Session


 massage to meet your needs

Please contact for pricing options and availability

*House calls require booking up to two weeks in advance and a minimum of

60-minute session

plus travel fee.

For your office & employees

Boost morale in the workplace with chair massage!

Great for holiday parties,  morale boosts, end of season celebrations, or just because.

Hourly rate: $130

Travel fee: $20*

*Subject to change based on distance


Packaged Sessions

Buy three (3) OR
five (5) sessions
at once:

Please contact for pricing options

*Packaged sessions


expire 3 months  and

5 months from purchase date, respectively, and are non-transferable & non-refundable

Tailored to best meet your needs

Misty Slopes

Myofascial Release (MFR)

A safe and effective modality for all body types and levels of therapeutic care. MFR makes a difference for people by helping them to become more aware and present in their bodies, allowing them to feel again and to go deeper into their healing.


This is not a massage but is a hands-on modality. MFR allows for better slide and glide between all fibers of connective tissue within the body, addressing restrictions in the fascial web as a full-body matrix, while connecting to the memories and energy stored deeply within that web. This is authentic healing at its best, dealing with traumas, mentally, physically and emotionally.

First session:  90 minutes recommended*

*Involves full intake, postural assessment, evaluation, therapy session and self care education

Therapeutic Massage (intuitive touch)

This treatment is a blend of MFR and soft tissue mobilization to best address the body's fascial restrictions while manipulating the soft tissues of the body for greater range of motion. This modality blends authentic healing with traditional massage techniques. 

The techniques used may include traditional Swedish, energy work, Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Assistive Stretching, and elements of relaxation if desired. This is my most utilized technique for first-time clients or those more used to traditional massage; it allows for you to experience the multitude of my offerings while being exposed to something new and integrative for your body and nervous system.

First session: 90 minutes+ recommended*

*Involves evaluation, therapy session, and post-care education

Deep Tissue & Joint Mobilization

Deep tissue massage addresses the deeper muscles and tissues of the body by slowly moving through the superficial layers and sometimes beyond the visceral organs to release deep chronic tension. This modality involves trigger point therapy, manipulation of the soft tissues, assistive stretching of the body, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and joint mobilization. 

As a practitioner, I am also an educator. Deep tissue does not equal deep pressure. At times, there is slight discomfort or therapeutic pain associated with accessing the deeper tissues of the body. You will be guided to breathe into the spaces created, rather than "through" your experience. If you're looking to "get beat up," I encourage you to try a new approach, your nervous system will thank you!

First session: 90 minutes+ recommended*

*Involves evaluation, therapy session, and post-care education

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