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New Moon and Samhain Blessings

Rising with the sun (or light of day, when overcast) is my favorite way to wake up. Taking a moment to stretch in bed and savor the last twinkle of dreamtime as my eyes gently open to the new day, beckoning my presence.

Here we are, this moment, a fitting time for new political representation on the day after elections. Breathe in the new beginnings... this day is an invitation for the shedding of old to decay and decompose, mixing into the wet and dark earth, feeding new life. A new path is revealing itself; may we celebrate and dance along it together.

Many cultures hold traditions around this time to honor the dead and celebrate the new. Although they have passed, the energy lingers of the thinning of the veil. Samhain (Oct 31-Nov 1) is an ancient Irish festival that falls between the autumn equinox and winter solstice; the marking of a new cycle celebrating death and life anew. Dia de los Muertos (Oct 31-Nov 2) is also a festival of colorful celebration and honor of the dead. Altar are created, with the cardinal directions and elements in mind so that spirits can find their way. As with these ancient celebrations and customs, the stewards of the Earth witness and give thanks for new life arising from death. These cultures too recognize the cyclical nature of agriculture, whereby crops grow from the ground where the last crop lies buried.

"Corn and grain, corn and grain, All that falls shall rise again" - Wiccan chant Driving through town I still see corn stalks standing tall, the in-coming frost has yet to break them down fully while many bend low to the Earth offering themselves back from whence they came.

When the moon is New, the darkness arrives and in this place is where the land's fertility and richness is witnessed, where the seeds planted can thrive and be held. It is in this space that we can go inside ourselves and open to seeing what we can compost. What seeds are you planting for this new beginning? What are you dreaming into being? Furthermore, what behaviors and patterns are you willing to let go of to make room for what you wish to bring in? As you feel into these questions and your own self-knowing, be kind to yourself as you honor what you choose to let go, and with intention plant deeply that which is to come... So I leave you with some wisdom from a favorite astrologer: "Because this new moon is happening at the very end of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio, it encourages us all to take the best of what Jupiter has offered us and plant it firmly in the ground of our lives...Jupiter grows whatever it touches. While in Scorpio, Jupiter taught us how to shed old skins so that we might get closer to our own sources of power."- Chani Nicholas Thank you for reading, blessings upon your new beginnings! Follow me at @blissfulbeingwellness on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook <3 Grow well.

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