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Client Testimonials

I had been dealing with very uncomfortable low back pain for several days, nothing seemed to help. When Alix put her hands on me, I felt immediate relaxation. My body was vibrating with energy and it was so calm and peaceful. She knew the exact places to go, releasing this tension throughout my entire back, neck and legs; areas I did not know were involved in causing my discomfort. I've never had an experience like MFR before. She is a miracle!

                  - Edythe R.

"Alix was exactly what I needed. The massage took all the tension out of my body, and the environment was relaxing. My back is feeling good and I've been able to do more than I've done in months. I'm definitely going to make this a habit."

                     - Jim W.

Alix has enormous talent and many tools to bring to the table. She provided the best treatment I’ve ever received - much more than just your standard deep tissue massage. I’ll definitely be going back.

             - Anonymous

Alix is extremely knowledgeable, kind and professional. She takes her time and pays attention, always mindful of what is needed for the session. I thought I would need surgery - her work improved mobility in my shoulder and back and healed my pain.. I am grateful for Alix!


I had no idea what to expect from MFR, but after the evaluation, I learned so much about my body. Then, through the treatment I was able to feel the restrictions Alix mentioned that were causing me pain. After severe physical trauma, surgeries, and multiple car accidents, I was able to get up from the session and feel no pain, lighter than ever before, and fluid, moving with ease. I didn't realize what I had been missing. Thank you!

                           - Lynne M.

I’ve gotten massage regularly for most my life. Definitely one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever seen. I just wished I lived here!
                              -Peter M.

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