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Summertime Energetics & 5 Ways to Stay Grounded

As the warm sun climbs above the trees, it bursts into my window, illuminating the new day. Gently waking, I feel behind as the bees are already collecting pollen from the bright fuschia bee balm flowers just outside. The hummingbirds quickly mill about seeking nectar at amazing speeds and with such beauty. With so much to do in the garden, my minds eye crafts a trajectory for the days' activities and chores. Often times this happens before my feet even touch the floor!

One thing I have noticed over the last few years, living in the same place, is the cycles in which we as humans identify with. And, within the cycles, how they closely mimic those of the natural world around us. For example, as the fall comes upon us we begin to make preparations for the winter time as we preserve food and chop wood--our energy goes back down to the survival center, the root chakra, and the plants begin to produce their last fruits before dying back. As the winter comes, we cover up crops to encourage their survival so they sprout again in the spring and we spend more time inside preparing for "hibernation" on some level.

Rising up in the land. Earth energy, rock strength.  Spiral eddies of air; Swan shifting seasons.  Source of life water, Pure essence Flowing bright.  Fire glow in the darkness; Guiding back to the light.

During the summertime, the natural world is so active around us, nearly all of the time. The energy of the plants and the trees move up and out, growing tall, producing fruit, new growth, nectar, pollen, oxygen and beauty. The people are moving, creating, building, dreaming, and exploring.

With all of this upward and outward energy, it is essential to take the time to come back to a place of peace and stillness within ourselves, to listen, and to ground.

Tree hugging

In this space, we can receive such wisdom from the integration of our experiences; we can be our best guides and teachers when we take the time to stop amongst the swirls of energy and movement to drop into presence.

When we are able to relax the mind and come into presence, our anxieties and fears can soften and sometimes melt away. Most importantly, we are the only ones who can free ourselves from intense emotional states by allowing ourselves to experience another state of being; coming into mental focus and clarity, our time in this life can be more productive and enjoyable.

For me, summer is the most challenging time to have a daily practice, so I have found some tools to share with you that may help with grounding where you don't have to feel ashamed or disappointed for not practicing your daily sun salutations or meditation (which would definitely support the mind, body, and spirit being present in more ways than one). It has been stated that the most effective grounding techniques implement both sensory and cognitive awareness. I invite you to play with each one for 5 minutes or more.

My 5 go-to tools for grounding summertime energy:

1. The Raptor Grip: with bare feet flat on the soft ground, grip the earth by bringing the heal of the foot and the toes towards one another. Breathing in the energy of the earth, one can begin to soften and ground.

Mantra (optional): "I am of the Earth, I am one with all that is. Om Mani Padme Hum"

2. Ecstatic Stomping (or body vibration): preferably on the earth, but inside works too (being mindful of any downstairs neighbors); lifting one leg at a time as the body follows with loose upper body, as the gravity and heaviness brings you back down to the ground with each step. Make it into a dance or use sound to release even more. *You may also use the balls of the feet to quickly vibrate the entire body up and down, if stomping is not an option.

Mantra (optional): "Who who who who, Huh huh huh huh, who who..."

3. Drop-dose Plant Medicine: choosing a plant ally with grounding properties (ie: Blue vervain [Verbena hastata], Wood betony [Stacchys officinalis], Sassafras [Sassafras albidum], Chamomile [Chamomila matricaria]) and take one to five drops and sit with it a while. Enjoy a standard dose (as guided by the label) if desired, and sit longer. *15 min+

*Check out our post on the Drop-dose for more info!

No mantra; silence suggested with awareness of breath and body.

4. Big Belly Laughs: Lay down placing the hands on the belly, low belly, or heart space and begin to bellow a laughter and "fake it till you make it" as the body bounces on the ground. This exercise gets you into your body and triggers the release of endorphins while reducing stress hormones.

Mantra (suggested): "Muah Ha Ha, Muah Ha Ha, Muah Ha Ha Ha Ha..."

5. Mini Savasana (corpse pose): Laying on the back, heels spread wide and arms at one's sides with palms facing upward. Soften the jaw, lips and tongue and close your eyes. Take a cleansing breath and sink into the earth, giving zero attention to any thoughts that arise while remaining conscious. This is the most challenging pose in yoga asana and the most beneficial, creating equanimity in the body and mind. 5-20 minutes

No mantra; silence suggested with awareness of breath and body.

Editor's Note: Any information about specific herbs and their uses is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a health practitioner before before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health program.

(Many naturopaths practice holistic and allopathic ways)

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