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Myofascial Release (MFR)

First session:  90 minutes minimum*

A safe and effective modality for all body types and levels of therapeutic care. MFR makes a difference for people by helping them to become more aware and present in their bodies, allowing them to feel again and to go deeper into their healing.


This is not a massage but is a hands-on modality. MFR allows for better slide and glide between all fibers of connective tissue within the body, addressing restrictions in the fascial web as a full-body matrix, while connecting to the memories and energy stored deeply within that web. This is authentic healing at its best, dealing with traumas, mentally, physically and emotionally.

*Involves consult, evaluation, postural assessment, therapy session and self care education

Therapeutic Massage

First session: 90 minutes recommended*

This treatment is a blend of MFR and soft tissue mobilization to best address the body's fascial restrictions while manipulating the soft tissues of the body for greater range of motion. This modality blends authentic healing with traditional massage techniques. 

*Involves evaluation, therapy session, and post-care education

Deep Tissue & Joint Mobilization

First session: 90 minutes recommended*

Deep tissue massage addresses the deeper muscles and tissues of the body by slowly moving through the superficial layers and sometimes beyond the visceral organs to release deep chronic tension. This modality involves trigger point therapy, manipulation of the soft tissues, assistive stretching of the body, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and joint mobilization. 

*Involves evaluation, therapy session, and post-care education

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