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Trauma Salve .:. 1oz & 3oz


An essential addition to your First Aid Kit!


This salve is made with quality ingredients as has herbs specific for traumatic injury healing such as: torn ligaments/tendons, bruises, sprains, strains, traumatized tissues, burns, scars, breaks (once mended), nerve damage and more!

-Homegrown Comfrey root (non-certified organic)

-Wild-crafted St. John's Wort flower

-Homegrown Calendula flower

-Organic Olive Oil

-Harm-free Beeswax


Larger sizes are available upon request for custom orders. Can be combined with other herbs as custom salve or lotion.


**IMPORTANT: St. John's Wort Oil (SJO) as an external remedy acts differently than an internal remedy--often in tincture form and known for mood enhancement; additionally both internal and external applications of the plant contribute to photosensitivity. Use of SJO requires monitoring and protection of skin during times of exposure to sunlight or UV rays.




Any information about specific herbs and their uses is for informational purposes only. Although herbal medicine is an ancient alternative health method, it is not regulated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.You are fully responsibility for the results you experience due to usage. If you experience any side effects please discontinue immediately. Please consult a health practitioner before using any herbal medicine products if you have any serious medical conditions, are pregnant, lactating, or taking any prescription medications. (Many naturopaths practice the herbal ways).

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Trauma Salve | Bruises & Burns | Muscle Aches | Pain Relief

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