Blissfull Beard Oil (1oz)

This luxurious beard oil softens and conditions facial hair (and dry, split ends) while moisturizing the skin beneath. Using only two high quality organic oils, blended to perfection, this beard/mustache oil meets facial-care needs while maintaining a longer lasting shelf life. Arrives in amber glass bottle with dropper for easeful application.

Our Ingredients:

*Jojoba Oil (unscented or infused with *Rosemary OR Essential Oil Blend)
*Argan Oil

*=Organically sourced or homegrown

All natural and organic ingredients
No parabens, dyes, artificial scents or colorings
No Palm Oil
Hand-crafted in Oregon
Made with love and intention!

3 Blends:
-UNSCENTED: simple and scent-free (also, won't upset the olfactory senses if you partner is pregnant!)
-ROSEMARY: with wood-stove infused homegrown Rosemary
-LUMBERJACK: rosemary infused oils plus the smell of a true woodsman with a bright hint of citrus!

**Please specify which blend you would like. Thank you!

This item is made in small batches in Williams, OR. Rosemary is grown in my organic herb garden and contains amazing natural volatile oils which have been known to support healthy hair growth, nourish hair follicles, and increase blood circulation so the skin beneath the hair continues to be vibrant and glow. In the two scented blends (Rosemary & Lumberjack), the jojoba was infused with rosemary over the wood stove with a slow and low method, for maximum medicinal extraction and benefit.

The oils used were chosen because of their exceptional proximity to our body's natural oils, as well as their nourishing properties and inability to become rancid quickly. Argan oil helps to soften the skin and restores the skin’s water lipid layer, minimizing wrinkles. It is also used to ease cases of acne and eczema. With just a few drops during each use, this beard oil will last on the shelf for at least six (6) months. This can be made unscented or with other skin/hair conditioning herbs. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

*Please let us know if you have any questions regarding herbs used, methods, custom crafting a beard oil, massage oil, or massage lotion for yourself or your loved ones!

Thank you for visiting, may this healthful creation facilitate your expansion to a state of blissfull being! In service and gratitude <3


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Blissful Beard Oil

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