About MFR & Massage

Could I have fascial restrictions?

When looking in the mirror, is your posture crooked?
Do you have pain?
Is it hard to stand or sit up straight for extended periods of time?
Do your muscles feel tight?
Do you feel overly tired?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you likely have fascial restrictions. A skilled MFR practitioner can verify the presence of fascial restrictions through touch and observation of your body.

Could myofascial release work for me?

Do you have a desire to be well?
Are you willing to take an active role in your healing journey?
Are you open to another approach?
If you answered “yes” to the above, myofascial release may work for you! Everyone responds uniquely to MFR and within their own time-frame. Most feel differences in symptoms right away while others require a number of sessions to achieve their goals of well-being. If your fascial system is restricted and you are open to the process of releasing it and desire wellness for yourself, you can join the thousands who have eliminated symptoms and have been profoundly helped by MFR.

What should I wear for my treatment?

Myofascial Release is done directley on the skin. ​Loose fitting clothing such as gym shorts or bathing suit bottoms (men and women), and swimsuit top or sports bra for women or regular undergarments are acceptable; as long as we can gain access to the skin.

Please do NOT apply lotion or oil of any kind as this will interfere with gaining the necessary traction used for effective myofascial release.

What does MFR feel like?

The John F. Barnes Approach® of MFR is gentle and never forceful. Therefore, the pressure applied is always in tune with what your body needs and within your tolerance. As pressure is applied into areas of tightness, sometimes a warmth or sense of stretch or tension is felt. As the tissue releases, tightness softens, pain eases, and body alignment changes.
After a treatment session, some people may experience short-term soreness or therapeutic pain as the body accommodates this real change as well as emotional tenderness. Likely you will experience a reduction in symptoms, increased energy levels, and improved sleep patterns following a treatment session.

What are fascial restrictions?

Let's start with a look at the universe...seriously. Within a blackness of space and infinite possibility, there exist stars, moons, planets, comets, nebulae, galaxies, and all other matter-- everything supported, suspended, and generated by the invisible energy mesh within and around it all.

This mesh and its contents, are exactly like that of our fascial network, although very visible.
When there are restrictions in fascia, it acts much like a tangled web, pulling on the entire system. Trauma, inflammatory response, surgery and repetitive tasks can create fascial restrictions carrying up to 2,000 lbs of tensile strength. By releasing tension and pressure, Myofascial Release may increase blood flow and nutrients to the cells, restoring you to a pain-free, active lifestyle. Using the Myofascial Release technique, you will often be able to release restrictions completely.

About Herbalism

What is herbalism and who is it for?

Herbalism is for everybody! It is the study, science, and practice of learning from and about plants as medicinal allies and healthful support throughout life. Many allopathic medicines are derived from medicinal constituents of plants, therefore, the plants themselves contain the medicine. We are surrounded by these amazing creatures all over the planet, and they have the ability to help us in both chronic and acute need, for daily fortification and wellness support as well as first aid and relief from illness and pain. Book a consultation to learn more!

What happens in an herbal consultation?

A consultation with me begins with setting a time aside for us to connect, a time that is just for you! Once an appointment is made, I will send you an intake form which you will complete ahead of time. This will allow for you to feel into where support is needed as well as goals you wish to achieve with treatment. You will also be encouraged to observe and record daily habits and routines that may be discussed during our time together. First time consultation is recommended for one hour as we review your intake form and discuss your goals. During this time, I will tell you about different herbs that may be of benefit and in what form they may be most beneficial. I offer formulation of these herbal medicines, when available and there is absolutely no expectation for you to purchase directly from me. I will even give recommendations on where to shop and alternative products to purchase as well as further educational resources. Follow up consultations are recommended for 2-6 weeks out following introduction of herbal therapy.

What kinds of herbal products do you make?

I make a variety of products for both internal consumption and external application. Some of the goodies are listed in my SHOP or are sold at the Grants Pass Grower's Market on Saturdays. I am also available to make custom orders of the following: Teas: Single or blend of dried herbs for steeping in water to drink Tinctures: A strained product of alcohol based maceration of herbs for 4-6 weeks Acetous tincture/Oxymel: A tincture whose base is in vinegar; may or may not include honey Syrup: A honey or sugar reduction infused with herbs over low heat Cordial: A tincture of herbs mixed with honey and often brandy Flower essences: An infusion of flowers in water, preserved with little brandy
Herbal Oil: An oil infused with herbs over low heat (or fire) Salve: A topical ointment made from herb-infused oils with beeswax Lotion: A topical cream made from herb-infused oils, aloe vera, and beeswax
Sitz bath: A blend of herbs used for external application by steam, steeping, or washing affected areas Hydrosol: A product of water distillation of plant material (ie: rose water)

About Yoga & Meditation

What type of Yoga do you teach?

I have been trained in Hatha Yoga of the slow tradition. This flow incorporates pranayama (mindful breathing) to practice presence as we flow slowly and intentionally through different asanas (postures) to open the body into greater strength and flexibility.

Where do you teach?

I offer private instruction: 1-on-1, at my studio in Grants Pass, OR as well as via Zoom, Skype or Facetime for anyone, anywhere. *Instruction offered in English and Spanish. I also teach in the town of Grants Pass, current classes are by pre-registration only and happen on Wednesdays. Please visit: www.blissfulbeingwellness.com/yoga for more information on current classes and to register.

Group instruction is available privately at your desired gathering place.

How do you teach Meditation?

Meditation is part of my Hatha Yoga instruction AND can be taught separately if desired. For many of us, it can be challenging to quiet the active mind and settle into a peaceful space within ourselves. It takes practice, every time. I have found that with the help of a flame (live or battery-powered), we can have a point of focus that captivates our attention and allows us to calm. I also have guided clients through powerful visualizations through scenes and through the body. Another meditation practice I teach is called Yoga Nidra, offered monthly at Sundance.
Find out when the next scheduled Yoga Nidra Meditation is.

I have a group who wants to do yoga together, can you teach us?

It would be an honor, yes! I am available for groups of all levels, ages, and experience. I have taught in nursing homes, places or worship, parks, studios, and private homes for over 7 years. Let's connect and create a time and class that suits you and your friends!

Email: blissfulbeingwellness@gmail.com Call/text: 541.819.0824